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ARDAdmission, Review, & Dismissal Meeting. In Texas, the meetings in which special education supports & services for a student are determined are referred to as ARD meetings. Other states call these meetings IEP Meetings.


BIP - Behavioral Intervention Plan. Plan to address behavioral programming across home, school, & community-based settings.


Child Find - The school’s duty to identify children who are suspected of having a disability that adversely impacts their education.


Due Process Hearing - An administrative remedy available to parents & school districts to resolve special education disputes. It is a court-like administrative hearing governed by the IDEA & other laws.


FAPE - Free Appropriate Public Education.


Special education & related services are - 

  1. provided at public expense, under public supervision & direction, & without charge;

  2. meet the standards of the State educational agency;

  3. include an appropriate preschool, elementary school, or secondary school education in the State involved; &

  4. are provided in conformity with the individualized education program required under §1414(d) of IDEA.


FIE Full Individual Evaluation. Evaluation conducted by the school to determine the student's eligibility for special education services. 

FBA - Functional Behavioral Assessment. Behavioral assessment generally performed by the school involving the collection & analysis of behavioral data. 


IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The federal law that requires schools to serve the educational needs of eligible students with disabilities.

IEP - Individualized Education Program. A written education plan designed to meet the needs of a student with a disability.  


LRE - Least Restrictive Environment. The IDEA requirement that - to the maximum extent appropriate - children with disabilities are educated alongside children who are not disabled.


MDR - Manifestation Determination Review. Process in response to disciplinary infraction in which the ARD committee determines the relationship between the student's disability and the behavior to ascertain appropriate punishment (if any).  

Transition Plan - A outcome-oriented plan in an IEP to promote the transition of a student with a disability from school to post-school activities. 

Special Education Terminology 

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